Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretend first then only i am gonna be just fine!

Things have been tough lately for me. I am not feeling well & i had to go through a major breakdown for few days. I am recovering, good for me. Ive made the decision. Actually, we have. To stick together. No matter what. We promised each other not to change. I know its hard. But ill try. But im happy weve made that decision. At least i know, whatever comes our way, whatever happens to us, we will still have each other. I chose not to understand you, but i know, youre doing this for us. For our best. & thats so thoughful of you. Thats why im making this decision. Not to be away from you. We both can live as best friends before, so why cant we now? :) We have been for each other when both of us face difficulties in life. So why must we end everything? :D I miss being your best friend, be in good terms with you. So im starting it all over again. I dont care what my friends will say. Because i know im doing this for my best. Why should i lose someone who can make me happy, smile & laugh everyday. Right? Thanks for everything. & sorry for everything. Fyi, i never regret knowing you. Went through what weve gone through. Because all those are the sweetest memories. So far. & i hope theres more to come. Okay? & please remember our promise. Our future partners cannot get mad at us because we are close. Its like 2 in 1 package. Buy 1 get 1 free like that. Hahahahha. Okay shut up Sofia. Oh & i am loving it when we are like this. Omg! Im so proud of myself. For being this strong. :D Lets be happy! I love you, bestfriend. :')

P/S : Ill be pretending first. But i know ill be okay. Im getting there. I mean, to the feeling of being okay. Im proud of myself. Arent you? :D :D :D
PP/S : Tak sanggup kehilangan kawan baik. Semua pun mesti macam tu. Ni special case tapi. Awww <3

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