Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reminiscing old times - Part II

Azie said im becoming more like a psychotic girl now. Err. Sorry. Maybe i was being too happy & suddenly im being replaced, just like that. & everything has changed for me. I mean, 360! & just like that, like, POOF, everything seems different already. :/ Thats why, theres a quote, dont be too happy. Its because of this, when something hit you hard, youve expected it & you wont be this down like me. :) Okay, the title of this post is reminiscing old times right? Im gonna post some text messages that ill always remember. By, Alligator. :') & FYI PEOPLE, ITS NOT ALIE. I know some of you misunderstood this Alligator. Its someone else. :)

sofia, wad time r u coming? just now i listen those song that u like, those picture we take together. i miss it so much. pls no changes between us? - 9th March, 9.53am. This was the day that we settled everything. We were in the car for 4 hours, talking & crying. & it was my first time seeing you cried. & the playlist & our pictures together. You still have them? :)

sofia, i sayang awk. tpi i dowan to hurt u. - 8th March, 4.47pm.

sofiaaa. pg tdo now okay? thanks for calling. kte sayang awk!!! me wove youuuu! sorry for making u hurt if i did. let cherish the moment from now. good nite! sleep tyte n sweet dreams. hav a nice rest okay? meet u in the dream. HAHA. - 7th March, 3.00am.

yela i sleep now. i shall see u tomorrow yaww! hik hik. u sleep early nk ***fiaaa! nite nite. sleep tyte n sweet dreams! don miss alligator cause u gonna see him tomorrow. n focus on ur agama k. bye sofia the ***fia the piggy wiggy that belong to alligator? HAHAHA. byeee! - 5th March, 2.07am. The day you had brunch at my house. & you met Wewin. We had Subway for brunch. & i was late to class, i thought ill be having a short test & class but you had to wait for me for 3 hours at Kopitiam. Sorry! :) Remember this day? :')

im sorry for everythin i did. im sorry there is changes between us. im sorry. whatever is it i don hope any changes. kte stil sayang awk! idk jumpe x die sok. tgk ah cmne. i miss you! i miss us n i miss our old time. - 4th March, 2.20am. At this point of time, you were still making me your priority. Now, not anymore.

why? why u x text i? why u da x care i? why u x cm dlu da? why u being so mean to me? why? whyyy? why being so cold blooded? ;-( - 1st March, 10.30pm. I remember, i was smiling & laughing when i received this text. You were too cute to be true. :)

oh ya lupe, tdi sis i thought i drunk to the max. dia tye i, u in love with sofia kn. HAHAHA. Bengong. - 28th February, 2.12am. You needed to hide our relationship from everybody. How close were we. Even from your brother. Your family of course, your friends. & they never knew about us, until now. Haih.

same goes to me. i dont hope to lose u, even i got girls with me. sorry syg. :-D im going to ***** house stay, cause my room full of ppl. - 28th February, 2.01am. See, you said you dont want to lose me, you dont want changes even you got girls with you. :( Now?!

no im not gonna leave u. y u think that way? pls no okay! - 28th February, 1.55am. 

okay, i love you lots. thanks for everythin cause u cared bout me. i hope im giving u happiness. hehe. u kul bpe nk tdo? - 28th February, 1.48am. You gave me happiness. But you took it away on the 9th March 2010. I hope ill be able to feel happy again. 

hahaha. syg, do u know u really sweet syg? thats make alligator melts. syg, i shall see u tomorrow morning! n syg u know wad? im tired n happy today. we competition pizza, talking bout future house n property! WOW! amazing rite. hehe. sleep tyte bebeh, hav a good rest. well, mister alligator love miss piggy wiggy so much okay. they nvr meant together, but still alligator wont eat piggy away. alligator want to see piggy live happily! byeee. :-D - 27th February, 1.49am. We went to Pavilion, watched movie *The Book Of Eli if im not mistaken, which we ended up not really watching -____-'*, we compete with each other to finish the pizza, we talked about our future house, how is it going to look like, our children, everything. OMG. I miss that moment. :'(

until tah, but not now la. sbb i xnk kn. i just nk with you with you with youuu! :-D eh ape ni, sbb u is girls so jwb je. u wan continue or not? tell me la. faster! hurm, penat sbb giving too much love n ****** to me? ok i diam. HAHA. weyh, sok pg ane? - 26th February, 11.52pm.

ouh, so sorry! ur suggestion is wrong. im happy now, so i wont go for any girls. sbb i happy je dgn my bestf. frens r enough okay! tpi kte pun xtaw nk ckp ape psl tu. mayb u should tell me the answer? sbb u r girls okay. ish. eh, i taw nape u penat today? *kening2* hahaha. a'ah tgh baring da. - 26th February, 11.42pm. I still hope youre not really with that girl. But its too late. :'( You went for girlfriends too early. I still need you 24/7. :'(

kte gado2 pun sbb psl benda ckit je. kjup je pun da ok kn! hurm, yg pntg kn, if kte bestf at least wont leave u. if couple, tgk la example i n ***, u n alie den tawu la. thats sucks okay. agi2 im so close wit u right now. i dowan to lost my happiness. so, u understand me? serious i already miss u! damn! - 26th February, 11.24pm. Dont you dare leave me. I have proof that youve promised. The one that i print screen at FB. Remember? :) 

yes serious mode pls! yg pntg kn, u tawu x at least kte bestf x de ah cm gado2, if couple cmne? kne gado2 semua. anti break den x jdi kawan. yes i do love you, but i dowan to spoilt tis thing u understand x? im happy with u. jgn nk tye *** sngt la, serious mode la! ish. i miss you sofia. ok tu ttbe. - 26th February, 11.12pm.
yg pntg tdi ade lagu ape eh? never knew i needed, make me smile, tik tok n watcha say kn? yg pntg i tgh serious la giler. ish. i mean if im couple with u, den im sure will hurt u. but if v r not couple, i scare somedayp i will leave me. tu la pe yg i rse. ish. wad u think? opinion? - 26th February, 11.01pm. Oh, fyi, i copy exactly like what he sent me. :) Sorry, for the typo that he made. Erm. Youve made your decision to not be with me. Dont leave me! EVER! Oh & this moment was one of the best. We were doing our thing, all of our songs were played non stop & there was even fireworks! Hmph. I love you!

sofia, thanks for fetchin me. hope u happy today. the way we racing to finish the pizza? HAHA. sorry to make u cry. yes, i do scare somedays i will leave u, but i don hope n i dowan too! because i know u r not really tough actually. u r easily to break. drive safely okay. im happy the day with u all the time! thanks n sorry again! kte sayang awk sngt! v outside like bestf, inside like couple. weird case gak. i xtaw nk ckp ape. LOL. yg pntg is u happy! - 26th February, 9.46pm. I am not tough. You gave the biggest impact in my life. :'( You were the best thing i never knew i needed!

soft, u know wad? sometimes u may jealous bout wad i did to other girls. im sorry to make u feel that way. but logic think, do i ever leave u? no rite! now all the time is just with you. n yes nowadays v dono y keep quarrel because of small issue, but how ever is it v still can good back. because im too sweet. :-D anyway mister alligator loves miss piggy wiggy so much. sorry for not couple with u, im scared of hurting u n v will not as happy as last time, i dowan to hav any changes between us. i hope u understand that k soft? good night! tomorrow wake up early, at 9plus? sleep tyte yaww! :-D - 26th February, 2.49am. We are no longer ALL THE TIME IS JUST WITH YOU. & we are no longer as happy as last time. & everything has changed. :'(

fia, can u call me? i miss our late night conversation. dont u miss? - 22nd February, 1.27am. OMG I REALLY MISS OUR LATE NIGHT CONVOS. I SWEAR, I MISS THEM SO MUCH. 

but i dowan n dont need another new bestf, i just need u n want u! ok i promise wont make u cry k? ur prob is my prob! so u cry i also feel it, sorry! :-| - 17th February, 3.38am. So, did you feel when i cried like babies these past few days? Hmph.

kiranya u over excited la ni? Haha. Of course i wil care bout u, y i must change? My life is perfect n happy when im wit u okay! Tpi betul la i wove you. :) - 16th February, 6.50am. So is your life is still perfect & happy when we are no longer like how we used to be? & you said you will always care about me, but youve changed.

Da la tu, i already tel u everything bout how i feel so cmtu la. Pls, i hope u dpt tdo after tis. jgn excited sngt okay. Hehe. N whatever is it, u not belong to me, if 1day u jumpe 1 nice boy pls go okay. :) tpi make sure is good n wont hurt ur feeling. I stil wil care bout u as much as i can ok ***fia? - 16th February, 6.45am. The day we confessed. & too bad, you are the one who found your girl first. 

hahaha. u're the best thing i nvr knew i needed. lol. tgh tipsy, pg mos xnk ah mnum anyk. - 15th February, 3.31am. WE PLANNED ON GOING TO MOS TOGETHER, but too bad the event got cancelled. Haha. 

eh dah la tu, jgn syok sngt la. yg pntg thats y i ckp i hurt girl alot, so i just hope i dont hurt u too n hope ley keep my words! yg pntg i x pnah tgk u nangis, tpi i pnah tgk mata u cmne ah after nangis, tu mmg ugly cm babi kot. :-P so jgn nk cry sgt k! dah la tu, move on la! did i cure ur headache? - 8th February, 2.44am. Youve seen me crying. 2 times! :) Congratulations. Hehe.

oh man! i being too sweet to u! nape *** being so sweet rite now to tis sohai? i got no idea okay. i hope i dont hurt u. yg pntg im sorry to make u cried for the 3rd time, i just hope there is no 4th time or other people make u cry. u look ugly when u cry! so pls don cry. :-P x best pun if everyday cmtu. - 8th February, 2.38am. Unfortunately, after this 3rd time, there were moreeeeeeeeeeeeee of me crying over you.

yg pntg im happy with my life now with you. u always b there for me, u cheer me up when im down. we share everythin together n we do things together, mmg happy ah. i just worry somedays those things will happen. i xnk tgk u get hurt, sbb i now how u feel kn. anyway i try not to do that, sbb i mmg x sanggup nk u move on dri i. i mmg da hurt anyk girls, tpi i hope its not to u. i want to make ur 2010year n so on happy giler! n i nk try not to make u tears anymore. so cmtu la i nk ckp. oh man! wad happen to u ***********! ckp benda2 cm ni. ish! gila sbb sok final ke. - 8th February, 2.28am. We dont do things together anymore. Youve found my replacement. Aww :') & you said you want to make my 2010 & so on happy? Its only March 2010 & youve already made me feel like ive lost my happiness. & youve changed me from a hero to zero. So tell me, how can you make my 2010 & so on happy if like this?

u tawu x i stress dgn maths, tpi i tetap sayang u. LOL. do u get it? - 7th February, 3.22pm. This was also a flash message. :D

seriously i sayang you giler2 punye. u pls save tis msg if u syg i.:-D -7th February, 3.04pm. You were at McD & you were studying Maths alone. Your final exam was just around the corner. & this message is a flash message. You thought it cant be saved, but i can save it! & yes, i sayang you.

okay, if that u think, den that u're. :-P fuiyo, we will get married together on 25years old which is 6years from now? HAHA. - 4th February, 11.16pm. Oh yea. We made a deal to get married on 4th February 2016. Remember? Hehe :')

OKAY DO I LOOK LIKE A PSYCHOTIC GIRL? Errrr. Sorry but i just miss this Alligator of mine so much. Its okay. Ive accepted the fact that youre in love with some other girl now. But i cant accept the fact that youre changing! I miss my bestfriend you know. My alligator. My stupid sohai friend. :'( You know what? I never expect to be close to you, i mean, this close. & after being so close with you, i never expect to be in such arguements & fights with you. & i never expect us to be this distance. :'( OH & ILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE VALENTINES DAY MOVIE & TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE SONG!

Sorry. I promise, this would be the last post of me emo-ing over him. Er! Maybe. Okay, i dont want to promise. But ill try to be happy again. Theres no use of me locking myself up in the room, crying over this matter when in the other end of the world, hes enjoying his life. My friends are expecting me to be the old me. So ill try. I will be one. Ill be the old me. Just bear with me. :) 

P/S : Tomorrow ill be in KMB. For Arlina's business fair something. I dont want to put hope to have a good time, but i just want to. Im done with crying & sorts. :)

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