Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reminiscing old times. :')

serious i blurr now. jgn nk couple sngt ok. da ckp single in 2010. x fhm keeeeee? ceh emosi kn.
January 24 at 6:55pm

January 25 at 6:56pm

ouh, so u nk dare i ke? nk bet ke? u will lose to me, LOSER.
January 25 at 7:02pm

too bad, you lose! :)
March 17 at 1:25am
things happen. sorry,
17th March at 1:48am

Myself : Happiness is now mine.  
March 6 at 11:49pm
- No more. & its 21st March. & ive lost my happiness 2 weeks ago.  

Myself : You feel like home to me.
i know is me. LOL.
February 26 at 9:24pm

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. ok over pulak. :) yea la its u. who else. MUAHAHA -.-
February 26 at 10:16pm

thank you thank you!! i feel so proud of myself. muahahaha!
February 26 at 10:57pm

Alligator : I must admit you were not a part of my book. But now if you open it up and take a look. You're the beginning and the end of every chapter:) 
February 19 at 8:28am 
- I know, im no more your beginning & ending. :')

Myself : With you = redbull, medicine, happiness, laughters, smiles. No you = headaches, sadness, loneliness. So the conclusion is, i do need you, everyday. & for once in my life, i never want to look back because the present is so beautiful with you in it. & im predicting, the future would be awesome too. Of course, with you i...n it, still. :D *pengakuan tidak malu daripada seorang insan bernama Sofia Farhana binti Mohsen* 
February 5 at 10:54pm 
- Now, i want to go back to the old times. I miss my times with you. :'(  

Alligator : I'm glad to know ur January end with smile. I know ur previous month is not that good. How about Febuary, we shall see? :D
February 3 at 6:50pm
- My January & February were the best months in my life. Too bad, you didnt make it to my March.

Myself : You are the reason for everything. Thank you. I cant imagine living life without you, because youve been there for me through my hardest time. & youre here to make me happy. :') Youve promised not to leave me & im holding to that promise eventhough i know, sometimes, promises arent real.
January 26 at 10:48pm
- Yes, promises arent real. Too bad. :(

Myself : "U have value to me! :')" - Youre so sweet. HAHAHA :D Tak move on lagi.
January 22 at 11:01pm
- Do i still have value to you? :'(

okay fine! EMOSI~!! wahahaha, loser! eh arlina, nape sofia suke ikut i eh? i rse die cm loser kot.
December 29, 2009 at 11:21am

Hahahahaha siod nye ALLIGATOR. Lempang kang! Sape ikut spe skrg? Haha
December 29, 2009 at 11:36am

ALLIGATOR, sbb nanti ktorg dah xde. so die kene la ikut u. jage minah ni elok2 haha
December 29, 2009 at 11:42am

Awh, so sweeeeeeeeeet arlina! ALLIGATOR, bacaaaaa tuuuuu! Haha
December 29, 2009 at 11:46am

LOL. yes ma'am! xde problem kottt. cewah cewah!!
December 29, 2009 at 11:49am

Hahahahahha dgr tu ALLIGATOR. Arahan arlina, u kene jaga i. Bahaahahah -.-
December 29, 2009 at 11:52am

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