Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Azihanie has done it!

Yes, she has! She drove all the way to Kajang, for 2 days in a row! :D Im proud of her. Oh yes i am! Anyhow, i was crossing my fingers all the time that nothing bad would happen though. But i had to show her that i have faith in her. :P It was her first time driving a car after she got her license & i dare to say, she was pretty good for a newbie. Hihi. But still need to learn how to control the steering-wheel & park please! & she fell in love immediately with my baby BJR59 after her first driving session. How lame is that? Haha. & seriously, ive never seen a person so obsessed with driving like she is. So now, i have my own non-paid driver already. After this, ill just go & fetch her & we can switch places already. YAY YAY, MOM, DAD, I HAVE A DRIVERRRRRRRRRRR! :P

Kami orang tak sedar diri tengah final, boleh have fun lagi. -_-'
Oh & GBS, dont underestimate her arr, she has gone to KL already, fuiyo.
Kecik kecik cili api, yaw!

P/S : Is this post proper enough for you, Miss Azihanie? -________-'

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