Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 19th to Moi. :)

Today, im officially 19. 4th April 2010.
I had 2 days early celebration & today, the exact birthday, im home. Uploading pictures, updating this & that. & have to study too for tomorrows test. But its worth it. This year was the greatest birthday ive ever had. Thanks friends, for the surprise, tepung & all. & ive never been this happy all my life. :') 

The first day, 2nd April 2010.
Had an arguement earlier of the day, around midnight with Saw Kah Chiun. Then around 730am, he texted & sounded veryyyyyy serious that he needed to see me. But he wanted to come around 1+, 2pm. But he was aware that i have class on Friday at 230pm. Then i waitedddddd until 230pm then only he came. I WAS NERVOUS, STRESSED OUT & INSERT ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS YOU WANT. Then he brought me to Giant Putra Heights & i had lunch there. We were fighting, stressing out together, then around 4pm, he sent me home. & YES I WAS STILL STRESSED OUT because he didnt tell me anything. -_-' *& yes, i ditched Agama class just for them. Him. Oh whatever.* But i was excited because i actually got to go out with Azie earlier because she said she wanted to buy Iylias birthday present. *didnt know Azies plan was part of the plan too* Around less than 10 minutes after that, he called me then he said i left my things in his car. So then i was told to go out & take it. SUDDENLY, my GBS surprised me. Awh :') I was touched really but i cant cry anymore. Hihi. Mak penat menangis dah nyah. Hahah. They brought me cupcakes. I LOVE YOU GUYS! & thanks Saw Kah Chiun for being part of it. & later, we hung out at my house until around later in the evening then went to Summit after we fetched Arlina. & had cocktail at Iylias. Had fun that day. I love you guys! *hugs*

 3rd April 2010.
Invited some close friends & family for dinner at Wau Penyu, Solaris Dutamas. Then around 12am, they once again surprised me by that 'Flour Party'! Eventhough i was all covered up with flour, i still had fun & i love you guys. Yes, still! Hahaha. To those who didnt manage to come, its okay. Ill still love you guys too. & to those uninvited ones, sorry. I was given a limit. I love you guys too, nonetheless! <3

To sum it all up, i had fun on these 2 days early celebration! & today, being at home, lazying around, is worth it. Because the fun i had for the past 2 days was very tiring! Thanks to those who were part of it. Much love to you guys, from me! 19th birthday celebration is so far, the best celebration ive had! <3

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