Sunday, April 25, 2010

It is time, maybe.

"It still got her thinking even though it has been quite awhile. How in the earth could you love two people at one time? You would say this to this one person then that to the other person. It got her thinking, do you really love this one person like how you told her? Because you know, her love towards you is so pure. If you really love her, you would still be with her & only her now. Despite the problems & complications youre facing, youre still gonna have her & only her. Because she has decided not to love somebody else, not to be with any other man. She has decided to think about you, about how youre gonna feel if she does anything. See, shes trying her very best to be with you. & to be strong for you. & to fake smiles & laughter for you & only you. To see you happy. Eventhough she isnt the reason youre happy now anymore. But like what others say, if you really love that one person, you must let him/her go. & we must not force somebody to be with us. & of course, thats what shes doing now. :’) She thinks she should stop. Stop all those feelings. Stop saying that she loves you, misses you, needs you & wants you. Its time."

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