Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Merepeeeeeeeeek kerepek kentang.

Good morning, mother Earth & the creatures! :) 

Today i have Business Communication paper later at 2pm. Now its 1122am. Was sleeping around 2am last night but i cant remember how. I was just lying down on my bed, suddenly its 645am and my head was already down half of the bed. Get what i mean or not? Ahh, malas nak explain. Hehe. So then i was so sleepy then i went back to bed. Now in a proper way of sleeping. Haha. Got up around 1030am thinking 'What day is it today? I dont have paper right?' Because the weather was soooooooooo nice if i continue sleeping. Seriously, it is still. I feel like going back to bed yaw. :( Okay, seriously i dont know why am i blogging about this. It feels like .... So wrong & stupid. Maybe this proves that i actually need a significant other? Bahahaha. Okay not. Im happy the way i am now. :) 

OH & YOU KNOW WHAT?! Iylia is sooooooo sweet! :') She can be like a mother to me already. Was so worried about me being all emotional on twitter & FB. :P Thanks darling. Im missing you guys more & more each day. Come back home to Mama please, fast! Pronto! Hehe.

Okay i think i better stop blogging now. Its getting more & more & moreeeeeeeee ridiculous. HAHA. Mhm & i have to prepare for paper later too. Lalalala. Tak sabarnya nak habisssssssssssssssss! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! :)


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