Monday, May 17, 2010

True love story.

I cant promise you forever. Neither can you. 
I cant promise you happily ever after. Neither can you.
I cant promise you marriage. Neither can you.
I cant promise you im the one. Neither can you.

But what i can promise you ;
My love for you is never fading. 
You would always be my hero.
My everyday life, revolves around you.
My happiness is always depend on yours.

I believe in fate, i believe in destiny.
One day, youll come to realize, that what we have is everything you ever wanted.
What if we are meant to be? 
I dont want to fight the fate, i hope you dont too.
I love you, no reasons needed. 
I know its pure, its love & not lust.
Because i just love you & nothing could make the love disappear. 
We have great chemistry, we understand each other, we complete each other.
This aint no opposite attract, this aint no game.
This aint no fairytale, this aint no drama.
This is a true love story, of moi & you.
Ill be waiting, even though ill be called the stupidest creature on earth.
Because this is the real deal, love makes us crazy. 

Lastly, I love you so much, Mister Alligator. ♥

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