Saturday, May 8, 2010

When In Rome.

I love Josh Duhamel, by the way. :) 

Well, I watched this movie last Tuesday & guess what? It made me cried. Lame right? I know. I think its my first time crying watching an English romantic comedy. To top it off, at cinema. -_-' & it wasnt just for a while. I cried when the movie started for 20 minutes till it finished. I told my sister, Wewin I cried when I watched this movie. She was surprised & she said when she watched this movie, her heart smiled & you know that kind of feeling, those berbunga bunga feeling? Yea, she felt that. & Saktia didnt cry too. I guess Im just one lame & loser girl for crying while watching this movie. Hahaha. This movie was good. I mean, worth watching lah. :) Oh & actually, I cried because I could actually felt what that girl feels in the movie. The only difference between me & that girl, in the end, she got the boy she wanted but me? Im still standing here, alone. :') Not having a happy ending. Hihi. Well, I posted this just to humiliate myself & tell you guys I cried watching a romantic comedy. -_-' & my best friend laughed at me for crying when I watched this movie. Ah whatever! Only me understands. :') Okay bye!

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