Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hello everybody. Well, it has been a week, more or less, since i last update this blog. Mhm before i go a lil bit further, let me welcome June & wish you guys HAPPY JUNE first. I hope June is gonna treat me good because i had a very good opening for it, so far. :) Well, my May was hectic. It was a little bumpy at first but i got through it very well & i managed to still smile & laugh until now. Thanks for those who involved. :D

Well, as you all can see, i dont really have that much friends. & i dont mind not having thousands of friends because i know, the friends i have now are enough to keep me smile & worth keeping for the rest of my life. Of course there are times we dont feel like talking & seeing each other, there are also times where we dont get along so well, have the fights & arguments, but hey! Who are we kidding here? Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula, kawan - kawan dari FORM2. :) Whatever it is guys, please do know that i really love you guys so much! You guys are my GBS for life. No matter what happens, i want us to keep this friendship till we all get married, have grandkids & all. :) 

Saiful came late, so hes missing in this picture. 
*I City, 3rd June*

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