Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello, PEEPS! :)

Im back. But im sure im not gonna update as frequent as i used to update anymore. Ive passed the phase where id die if i didnt blog for one day. Heh. Im now on Twitter everyday. So, do follow me there ; @SofiaMohsen. :) Anywaysssssssssssss. Hows everybody doing? Im doing great. For the past one month that i didnt blog, ive been so blessed with so much things. So much things have happened in my life. From worst to great.  Too much to update each & every single thing. I thank God for everything. Hmph. & im loving July already. So many events to attend, so many works to do. Ahh, what a life! Blissful life. :') & those pictures up there are a bit of events that happened in my life. Great aint it, when you actually can tell people how happy you are? 2010 so far has been the toughest & greatest year ever. I really cant predict whats gonna happen next. Im waiting patiently for whatever awaits me. Of course it wont be one easy route for me but at least i hope for an interesting one! :D Lets hope for a better days ahead for all of us, shall we? Enjoy life to the fullest! We may not know whats gonna happen to us tomorrow so make sure you appreciate today as its gonna be your last day on earth. 


P/S : OH YEAH! I am now bracessless already! :( After nearly 3 years living life with bracess, im feeling the awkwardness not wearing braces. & I MISS BRACIE BRACES ALREADY. 

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