Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last man.

Hello, earthlings! ;)

Its 1035pm, Wednesday, 25th August 2010. & at this time, im at the dinner table, looking at this screen of my red HP netbook, with many things going around in my head. All the good & bad things. Memories. Future plans. The faces of my loved ones, the past. Everything. Everything is gather around now, talking and making conversations with me. But i, i decided not to care, i decided to blog. About the only thing that ive been feeling, that what makes me feel so happy & alive. About this one particular man. A man that ill never get enough of. So, feel free to read or maybe just close this window. Because i know this has got nothing to do with anyone. But im just feeling like sharing something, with my blog as ive been abandoning it for more than a month. :)

I tweeted just now, on Twitter. The tweet goes like this ; "After you, I promise ill never love again. No matter what happens, you'll be the last. That's how big my love to you is. #SFM :)"

Its true. Im sure, after you, ill never find another perfect man for me ever again. Im not denying, of course if ever youll be leaving me, someone will come, enter my life & colours it again. But i promise you, youll be the last man im going to love. With all my heart. Youre just different. Of course there was a bunch of guys that have been in my life. But to be compared to you? They are just the passerbys, that brought me to you. & i must thank them, actually. Ive loved, ive been hurt, ive been aware of what love means & brings. But you. You are so different from them. There you were, gave me a whole new meaning to my life. Sure, you did break my heart, you made me into tears, you made me angry, everything. & sure, we do have ups & downs, but still, we managed to get through EVERYTHING smoothly. & none of the obstacles, none of them would be the reasons for me to leave you behind. Nothing would make me want to move on from you. I dont care what others say. I dont care, at all. Because to me, whats important is, for me to be happy with you. You bring out the best in me. You make me feel alive, happy. Youve changed my whole perspectives of life. You love me for who i am. You love my flaws. You love me genuinely. I know, im not a perfect lady for you. But who are we kidding here? Who is actually perfect? Im happy with you, youre happy with me. We are both comfortable with each other, we complete each other. What more to ask? :) Nobody would ever get to break me apart from you. Ive learned to live with you by my side, always. So now tell me? How do i learn to live without you? Well, im sure, one day, we will be apart. But i promise you, youll always be close to my heart. Nothing is forever & as we are still together now, promise me, to cherish every second that we got with each other? Because every little nano second is important & meaningful to me. Thank you, for everything. Youll always be MY MAN. The owner of my heart, now, always & forever. :') 

Je t'aime, mon cheri! ;) 

Yours truly. ♥

P/S : Happy 1st year, 170810. :)

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