Monday, November 15, 2010


Its November already. How time flies. :) & what I know, Ive been through a lot this year. & I mean it! Ive been up, all the way up & down, to the utmost down. But nothing makes me stronger than whatever has happened to me. Of course I dont lead a perfect life. But at least, Ive got everything/everybody that I needed, with me. Always. Forever. As for my family, so much has happened between us all. But Ill always love them. Because whatever it is, they will always be the one who will always be there for me through whatever. Friends? They are the best! They helped me to get through my hardest times & they are always there to put a smile to my face. Love you guys to bits. & as for the love life? :) It is complicated. But what I know, he is always there for me. & he loves me. Yes, I dont deny that weve been arguing, fighting, not talking & even hit each other every now & then. But hes still there. Here. With me. We are still standing strong. & yes, we are still not exclusive. We are still having that SECRET relationship. If its even a relationship because I dont really know where we stand. But what the heck? Whats important is I know his closed ones know about me. & my friends & family know about us. :') Hmmph. I feel that this year has been ticking too fast. Sigh. :') Im in Sem 4 already & having finals in less than one month time. Everything is different but Im loving it. & OH I NEED A VACATION! Seriously, that would really complete my 2010. Okay bye. Gonna study now. By the way, you can find me on Tumblr & Twitter. :D Follow me. Have a great 2010, Loves. <3

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