Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello, BloggerLoves.

Fuhh, rise & shine dear Blog! <3 :

Its been quite a while since I last blogged here. I miss blogging, but my mojo of writing/blogging seems to have gone missing for ages already. :( Not that I was so good at blogging, though. Hehe. 

Its currently 1.28am, 25th March 2011. SHIT, JUST REMEMBERED THIS DATE WAS MY WORST NIGHTMARE LAST YEAR! Okay, back to main topic. It is already the birthday season for Ariens, so here I take the opportunity to wish the Ariens out there a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY & DO HAVE A FAB ONE, alright? ;) ARIENS ROCK, YO! :D

As a start, I shall list down my birthday wishlist as Im gonna celebrate my 20th birthday in approximately 10 days? ( That is on 4th April if youre wondering. :P ) GOD IM GONNA BE 20, IM SO OLD ALREADY, NO NO NO! ( over acting much? HAHA! ) So, here it goes. My birthday wishlist! :)

 iPad 2
  iPhone 5
  New digital camera ( as Ive lost my camera while went for a holiday with Mister Love in Genting few    months back )
  a whole set of clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, lingeries. 
   new BlackBerry
   a perfect date
   a set of make up
   spa treatment for 2
   holiday trip with Mister Love
 fun day with best friends & family
 surprise party ( :P )
2 tickets to Bruno Mars' concert
 polaroid camera
 weight loss programme
 BlackBerry playbook
 a large amount of moolah
 a new car
 a good result
 a good relationship with loved ones & perfect health

Maybe Ill update the list once I found new things that need to be owned. :P I know some are just plain impossible, but no harm on wishing & hoping to get right? :) But whats most important, I just want to be by my loved ones' side on my birthday & just to feel appreciated & loved. ( BUT NOT THAT I AINT HOPING FOR ANY PRESENTS K! HAHA ) 

Oh well, I shall fin the post here. Ill update again once I have the idea to blog. Till then, PLEASE DO TAKE NOTE ON WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY & take care. Have a nice day, week, month, year ahead, babyloves! :) <3

P/S : The wishlist is open from 1st to 30th April. Even for the whole year. :P

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