Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will you promise me?

I know our future seems not so bright together. Not because we dont love each other, but because of something that we both can do nothing about. 

So, will you promise me, that we'll cherish every second that we both have with each other? Will you make yourself impossible to forget and feed me with beautiful and gorgeous memories? Will you promise me to fight for us as long as we could and make us strong in order to lead this life together? Will you promise me that you wont be leaving me, not until we know we are totally not destined for each other? 

Because everyday, I pray for our future together. How impossible we will be, I know God listens to our prayers. He knows whats best for each & one of us. But in the mean time, can you promise me, that we'll work hard for our destiny? For our future. Because baby, youre the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than I love myself. I know, as much as its the best feeling in the world to love and be loved, it could be the worst thing that I'll do. Truth to be told, I cant control my feelings. So baby, just to let you know, Ill try my hardest, to make this thing work. & I hope youll do the same

P/S   : If we are no longer together, just remember, its not because our love has fade, or feelings has changed. But because God prepares us someone better. Just that. Period. :) 
PP/S : Thank you for every single thing youve done to me. The money, sweat, strength, time that youve spent on me. Nothing could ever beat that. No one could ever beat you. I love you, Sayang. Always have & always will do. One year plus and still counting. <3